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Center for Prisoner



The Center for Prisoner Renewal (CPR) was established to restore the lives of those that have been incarcerated because of the acts they committed while addicted. CPR establishes relationships with them while they are still in the prison system and begins to educate and prepare them for when they are released into the free world.

We provide support on the outside for former prisoners with shelter, education, mentorship and obtaining employment




Inside the Prison

Enter into the prisons and teach Life Skill Courses, classes that are designed to teach skills needed in the  outside world, including but not limited to the following:

  • Establishing and maintaining budgets, checking and savings accounts

  • The roles and duties of a husband and father

  • Establishing and maintaining friendships

  • Writing a resume

  • Seeking, finding and keeping employment 

Upon the prisoners' release
  • Providing mentoring, support and connections to programs for alcohol and drug addictions

  • Provide shelter and continuing education

  • Assist with parole and probation requirements

  • Aid in seeking employment

  • Aid with transportation to and from employment

  • Help reestablish family relationships

  • Mentoring

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